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It is not an overstatement that the phrase "dot com" is the big word of the millennium. Though 7% of the world population believes that the most popular invention of the 21st century is television, while 11% believes it was telephone and 80% agreed that it was the computer. Truly, if you scan the pages of any print media and most television shows, you will definitely agree to the aforementioned phrase.

Statistics showed that in 1998, there were 95.4million peoples online, and by 2005, it increased to over 700million peoples. Consequently, in 1998 e-commerce generated 39billion dollars revenue, while in 1999, 144billon dollars revenue was generated, and in 2004, 1.5 trillion dollars was realized through e-commerce.
Hey! E-commerce has come to stay.

Guess what! Who are those shopping online 24/7? They are Teenagers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Employees, from different generations, people that have discovered their dreams and are running with it.

Consider the population of your country and the world at large, and ask yourself these questions-How many clients are you dealing with? How connected are you globally? And are you making fortunes in that business of yours?

Our company, FEEDS CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL provides you with golden opportunities to make fortune online 24/7 by introducing a dynamic, pocket friendly business to all and sundries.

FEEDS CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL is an e-commerce consumer distribution company registered in Nigeria, backed up by a billion dollar company based in Germany as a subsidiary company to BIO-LAIZER.

Our major objective is to eradicate poverty by supporting business entrepreneurs through –proper distributions of our quality products and services with awesome reward to our referrals.  

Therefore, your embracing this idea is bidding farewell to poverty and enlisting yourself among those that are making dreams happen.

You are welcome!


  1. Bearly Allien (Germany)(CEO)
  2. Prince Oyekanmi Fagun (Africa)
  3. Dan Collins (Hong Kong)